After you freshly installed Windows, some times Windows automatically finds drivers and installs them which are generic.Remaining devices for which Windows can’t install drivers will appear with yellow exclamation mark. If you don’t have a mother board CD, how do you install drivers for unknown PCI is driven by users in which you can easily identify PCI Vendor name and Device model for unknown device.

1.Now Open Device Manager in your Computer

2.Right click on Unknown device, click properties and click Details tab.Under Property which shows device description selected, drop down it and select Hardware IDs.

Hardware IDs

3.Now observe the first line showing PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_24D5&SUBSYS-2A4A103C&REV_02 .Clearly observe ID beside VEN_ and ID beside DEV_.Here they are 8086 and 24D5.These two are vendor and device IDs.

4.Now go to and in Vendor search enter Vendor ID, and in Device search enter Device ID you observed earlier and click search.

device and vendor search in PCIDatabase

5.Search for unknown device in device search will show the device name as below .Which you can Google and download the driver.

unknown device name

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