It’s too early to say Google Buzz introduced by Google which brings social features into Gmail is hit or flop, but we can easily say some Gmail users may not want this Google Buzz to distract them for using Gmail features.Any Gmail user can easily hide Google Buzz label or turn off Google Buzz permanently .

If you don’t know about what Google Buzz is? Google Buzz is brand new social service introduced by Google, build right into Gmail which allows to start conversations with people you mostly chat and email.You can also share updates, photos, videos and more right from Gmail.

It looks like Google Buzz being rolling out to each and every Gmail user.Though presently asking Gmail users to to checkout buzz, users may be tempted to see what new buzz is all about.

Google Buzz in Gmail

If you are a Gmail user, not interested in using this feature you can turn off or disable Google Buzz.

1.Sign into Gmail with username and password.

2. You can observe Buzz label below inbox if it is available for you.

3.Under Gmail footer, in Gmail view: click turn off buzz, that’s it buzz has been turned off in Gmail.

Disabling Buzz

If you want to use Google buzz any time, click turn on at the footer.

Rather than disabling buzz, you can hide Google Buzz label also .

1.Labels are grouped under Gmail’s inbox, click more to expand click manage labels, as Buzz is system label click “hide”  to hide buzz label.

hiding Buzz label

If you want to see buzz label again, follow the above procedure this click “show”.

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