Are you getting permission warnings, error warnings while installing or updating programs then you need to use Rizone Security Restore which tries to restore your computer security settings to default.This program also repairs the dreaded 0*80070005 error messages that occur while registering dll files while installing certain windows components or programs.

Rizone Security Restore

User should use Rizone Security Restore only if

  • If there is something wrong with their computer like having your PC suffered virus attack you need permissions to register certain programs .
  • getting permission errors while installing anti-virus programs in your computer.
  • Failures while installing certain programs like Internet Explorer.
  • Showing permission errors while installing BitDefender Anti-virus.

Rizone Security Restore is freeware and portable, no need to install,user can run it from USB drive. This program supports Windows XP/Vista/2008/7.

Download Rizone Security Restore

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