If you want to uninstall Firefox for some reason to reinstall another version or wanted to surf with fresh installed Firefox browser, what you can do if Firefox  fails to uninstall? clicking remove button of Firefox in add\remove programs does nothing.Still you can safely remove Firefox and reinstall new version without loosing bookmarks, settings and extensions.

You have to follow these steps if you are unable to uninstall Firefox from add\remove programs in Windows.

1.Close all opened Firefox browser windows and kill Firefox process if any running in the Task Manager.

2.Delete the Firefox installation directory which will be located at C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox.Backup plug-ins folder before deleting Firefox installation directory which will be helpful to restore when you reinstall Firefox.

3.Remove Firefox’s temporary cache and update files located under local settings.

For Windows 2000/XP: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox.

For Windows Vista: C:/users/username/AppData/Local/Mozilla/Firefox

Beware don’t remove profiles folder.

4.Remove all Firefox related files in Prefetch folder located in C:\Windows\Prefetch.

5.Use registry cleaner in CCleaner to remove registry entries left by Firefox.

6.You can even remove the Firefox shortcut from the desktop.

Now install latest version of Firefox and feel freshly installed new Firefox as we have not removed profile all our bookmarks,settings, extensions still remain.

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