Extensions allows users to add more features to the Firefox browser, users do install a lot of extensions and even they don’t know how many they installed in their browser. It is always good to save or print list of Firefox extensions installed for reference when they reinstall Windows.

list of firefox extensions

Two Firefox extensions allow to do this.

1.Extension List Dumper:Extension List Dumper allows users to save list of extensions to text or HTML or CSV format from which user can print. After installing this Extension , it will add “Dump List” option in the Add-ons window.

Clicking Dump List will show the Window with the options to

  • Save list of extensions to text, HTML, CSV format
  • Print
  • Copy to clipboard

Extension List Dumper

Saved list of extensions in the notepad will look cluttered and difficult to understand, but saving to CSV format will give a cleaner look of what Firefox extensions installed, the user then can able to print that file.

2.InfoLister:InfoLister is another useful extension allows to save list of extensions including plug-ins and themes. This extension provides much better info than Extension List Dumper does. After installing this extension, it will appear in the Tools Menu.

InfoLister will show the following information

  • List of extensions installed (including their versions and mentioning enabled or disabled status)
  • List of Themes installed.
  • List of plug-ins installed.


User can able to save this list and print it for future reference. User need to select the options to save output format to HTML or text. These two extensions work with all versions of Firefox.

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