We rely on Win +L and Screen Saver in Windows to lock our computers.In earlier versions of Windows, to lock system after specified time, we need to turn on or enable Screen Saver in settings .But do you know in Windows 7 without even no Screen Saver selection, we can lock our system through Screen Saver settings.

Without Screen Saver selection, the option to turn on  on resume, password protect will be grayed out or disabled in earlier versions of Windows.But in Windows 7 we can lock computer after specified time without selection of Screen Saver.

Screen Saver turned off in Windows XP

screen saver settings in Windows XP

1.Right click on desktop,  click Personalize click Screen Saver, under Screen Saver Settings select Screen Saver to None.

2.Now you still have the option to lock your computer by selecting time and enabling on resume, display logon  Screen .

3.After specified time your system will be locked, you need to enter password to enter into Windows 7.

lock system without screensaver in win7

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