We are all curious about our friends or contacts in Gmail whether are actually offline or they are in invisible mode. Some users prefer invisible mode to avoid distraction from other contacts and to concentrate on their work.But we can easily find out whether they are actually offline or invisible in Gmail.

For this we need to disable Go off record feature for that contact while he was online.Go off the record meaning chat history for X who chat with Y will not be saved in either of those accounts.When anyone goes off the record, Gmail will notify both in their chat window that go off the record being disabled.This settings will apply to both X and Y until anyone changes this.

1.Now coming to finding invisible user in Gmail, first select the contact profile click chat, in chat Window from Video & more menu, click Go off the record.

Go off the record

2.If you sent message to actually offline user, Gmail will say “the user is offline.Messages will be delivered when user comes online.” .Gmail will show same message when we try to chat with invisible users also.

After going off the record with that contact, if your sent message to him is delivered then it is confirm that he is in invisible mode. If the user offline message appears then he is actually offline.

message delivered to invisible user

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