VPN  connection

VPN Virtual Private Network connection offers privacy and encryption to your connection and user can able to surf the web anonymously by hiding his IP address.User can able to access and view websites like Hulu and others not accessible in India.Since there are lot of advantages of using VPN Connection, let’s see how to create a VPN connection in Windows 7.

To setup VPN connection in Windows 7 you must have stable internet connection.

1.Click Start orb button and click Control Panel .Now click Network and Internet .Now explore Network and Sharing Center by clicking on it.

2.Now under change your network settings , click Setup a new connection or network.

create VPN connection

4.Under choose a connection Option, select connect to Workplace and click Next.

setup VPN

5.Under How do you want to connect click Use my Internet Connection(VPN).Now type IP address or website address of VPN provider and keep designation as VPN Connection as it is. At the bottom of the window select or check don’t connect now;just set it up so I can connect later, click Next.Type your username and Password provided by your VPN provider and click Create.

use internet connection vpn

VPN Cionnection

VPN conenction username and password

6.If you followed above steps everything right, the connection is ready to use, connect now window appears.Click connect now after your username and password are verified , you will see you are connected message.Which means you successfully created VPN connection in Windows 7.

vpn connected

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