Quick launch bar in earlier versions of Windows allows t open to mostly used favorite programs quickly from taskbar.Microsoft in Windows 7,in place of Quick launch bar added the functionality for users to pin their desired applications to Taskbar, so necessity of quick launch bar is minimal ,do you still  missing and want Quick launch bar? you can still add and use quick launch bar from Windows 7’s taskbar.

To add Quick Launch bar to taskbar in Windows 7

1.Right click on the taskbar, uncheck Lock the taskbar.

2.Right click again on the taskbar, select Toolbars>New toolbar..> and in Folder path type %appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch and click Finish.

Qucik Launch bar shortcut

3.Now click lock the taskbar.

Qucik Launch bar in Windows 7

4.From now on you are able to open applications from quick launch bar also.

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