WOT (Web Of Trust) shows safety ratings for websites as you browse and protects from malicious and phishing websites.Since Opera and Safari don’t support extensions much like Firefox,Chrome and IE does.WOT created a WOT Bookmarklet for Opera and Safari browser users for safer surfing.

All user need to do is drag WOT Bookmarklet to bookmarks of Opera and Safari browsers and name it.To view WOT rating for a website simply click on the bookmark. Another click will close popup ratings windows shown by WOT Bookmarklet.

WOT ratings in Safari browser

Though user need to manually click on bookmark for every time, at least user can check a website safe or not through this bookmarklet on Opera and safari. Where as WOT add-on for IE, Firefox and Chrome shows safety ratings while page is going to load and warns users if it detects a malicious website with warning saying website has a poor reputation thus user can close that website window.

Drag WOT Bookmarklet to Opera and safari

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