It will be more useful for users to have more options added to right click context menu in Windows 7 which saves lot of time, Right-Click Extender for Windows 7 will do just that.Right-Click Extender freeware utility allows users to add and remove items to the right click menu in Windows 7, Vista .

Right-Click Extender

With Right-Click Extender user can able to add

  • The Options like admin Command prompt and Take Ownership to File and Folders right click menu .
  • Copy To, Move To ,Hide File , Unhide File , Hide Folder,Unhide Folder to right click menu of Files and Folders .

User can also able to add important options like Task Manager, Registry Editor to Desktop Right click.Apart from these there are still useful items which can be added by users if they found this utility useful.

Download the Right-Click Extender and add or remove items from Context menu, make sure you add few items so that right click menu won’t get that much bigger and cluttered with options.Though Right-Click Extender designed for Windows 7 it works for Vista and some features will work in XP also.

Download Right-Click Extender.

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