With the recent buzz on Google Buzz what Google Wave users are doing? here are ten quick tips for waving which saves time . If you are not yet tasted Wave, you can request an invite here.

Google Wave tips..

1.Double Click: You can edit or reply to any part of wave by double clicking on it.


2.Use Shift +Enter :  You can able to submit and create new replies with Shift +Enter for conversations to go faster.


3.Press Spacebar:You can able to move through the unread messages by hitting spacebar.


4.Edit Your Profile:Choose a picture for your avatar and add little bio to it.Read

How to edit Your Google Wave Profile


5.Link to another wave:While you are editing wave messages you can create a link to another wave by dragging it over from the search panel.


6.Make a wave public: To share wave with the world add public@a.gwave.com to your contacts and then wave.


7.Follow a wave:If you want to see a wave in your inbox click “follow”  if not click unfollow.


8.Add a search result: To add image or video or link use the G+gadget on the editing toolbar.


9.Filter your waves:Create saved searches by clicking the “+” next to SEARCHES in the Navigation panel.You can able to do color coding too.


10.Open multiple waves at once:Hold ‘Ctrl’ and click on a wave in the search panel to open waves side by side.

ctrl-click (via)

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