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Yahoo Meme Micro blogging service from Yahoo launched few months back similar to twitter, are you exploring Yahoo Meme which is now open to public and in Beta now. Yahoo Meme also got search box two months back which allows to find posts much like twitter search, here are some search tips to find stuff on Yahoo Meme.

Much like in twitter search, here are some hidden operators which you can use to find posts on Yahoo Meme .Since Yahoo Meme supports to post interesting stuff through text, audio, video and photo types, user can search for posts using any of these types.


If you want to find all photos related to twitter in Yahoo Meme type as below in search box.

Example: Twitter type:photo

Yahoo meme search tip

Similarly you can use other types as well like text, video and audio.

Ex: twitter type:audio; twitter type:video; twitter type:text


To find all posts from any user of type text will show original posts made by user ignores reposts and comments.

Ex: from:techvenkat type:text

from_user search in meme

Similarly you can try other types as well from video, audio and photo types.

Ex:from:username type:video; from:username type:audio; from:username type:Photo;


Hashtags everywhere from twitter and here in Meme too. User can use hashtags on any posts in Meme. To find posts with hashtags limited to particular word (#fail) with post type

Ex:#fail type:text

finding hashtag posts in Meme

Similarly search for #hashtag type:video; #hashtag type:audio; #hashtag type:photo will show all posts with those hashtags of particular type.


To find mentions of particular user typing /user will show the posts  including reposts and comments if any one mentioned him .


finding user mentions

Note: As in twitter, user mentioned with @username in Yahoo Meme user will be mentioned with /username

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