You may have noticed GoogleCrashHandler.exe process running under the processes tab in Task Manager, What is GoogleCrashHandler.exe? Does this process relates to any Google program installed on your computer? Is it a virus?. All these doubts should have to be cleared by user whenever there is an unknown process running in the background.

What is GoogleCrashHandler.exe? And its purpose?

First of all GoogleCrashHandler.exe is not a virus or threat to your computer. GoogleCrashHandler.exe process will continuously runs in the background and sends crash reports of certain Google Programs and usage statistics to Search engine giant. This process will run forever, if “send  crash reports and anonymous usage statistics to Google” feature was selected by user while installing Google programs like Google Chrome, Picasa, Google Earth etc.

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Whenever Chrome is crashed, this process will send those crash reports to Google. Google will use this data to prevent these errors from happening in the future.

GoogleCrashHandler.exe process in Task Manager

Necessity of GoogleCrashHandler.exe in User’s view

Though this process doesn’t hog any CPU resources, if user kills it, it will reappear again, It will be annoying for users. This process can be removed safely without affecting Google Programs functionality you’ve installed on your computer. If you’ve installed Google Chrome by enabling option to send crash reports to Google, you will observe this process running in Task Manager too.

GoogleToolbarUser_32.exe, Google Toolbar Broker

The way to remove GoogleCrashHandler.exe process for Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome, click Wrench menu, select Settings, click on ‘show advanced settings’, and under Privacy uncheck “Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google” .

disable sending usage stats to Google

You need to disable this feature for the other Programs installed on your computer like Google Earth and Picasa also.

Update: To disable GoogleCrashHandler.exe for Google Earth, open Earth Tools > Options > General tab, under ‘Usage Statistics’, uncheck or remove tick mark for ‘ Send Usage statistics to Google’, click ‘OK’ to apply.

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