USB Safeguard

Looking for free program for your USB Pen Drive which safeguards your data and also encrypts your files with password so that others won’t able to access them, then you should use USB Safeguard . USB Safeguard is portable allows to drag and drop files from USB drive and encrypts them, user requires to enter password to see and access those encrypted files.

USB Safeguard 1.0 features:

1.Runs with every USB pen drive.

2. This program is portable, no installation is required.

3. User can easily drag and drop files and folders and USB Safeguard will encrypt them.

4. Built in file shredder removes pre-encrypted files safely.

5. Your data will be safe even when the drive is lost.

6. Supports FAt16, FAt32 and NTFS file system.

7. AES 256 bits encryption system is used to encrypt files and folders.

8.Supports Windows XP/Vista/7.

Encrypting and decrypt files using USB Safeguard

Download USB Safeguard, copy that into your USB Pen drive. Don’t run it from Windows, it will only run in USB pen drives. On first run the program asks to create a password and also asks to save it to a text file will help when you forgot password. User will not able to access encrypted files once he lost the password. So use simple password to remember.

drag files of your USB drives

encrypting files

To encrypt the files in USB drive drag and drop the files only with in USB drive to window. User can not drop files from windows or other drives.To decrypt the files user need to select any file and clicking decrypt or Decrypt all button will bring back files to USB drive.User need to enter password each time to access encrypted files or to decrypt them.

decrypting files

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