We all know all email services including popular Gmail won’t allow us to send and receive executable files. Reason is simple, executable files may contain viruses. We can’t even send these exe files by archiving them also, as sending these files in zip format also not accepted by email services. But with a simple trick, we can send safe executable files through Gmail.

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Gmail automatically blocks exe files and if you able to send these files some how, it will bounce it back to original sender automatically. And reminding you, Google’s email service will allow us to send and receive messages up to 25 MB only including attachments. There will be the need for any user to send an important program file which can’t be downloaded by his friend generally through the internet.

Sending Executable files from Gmail

Open Windows Explorer, from Tools menu>Folder Options>View, under Advanced settings, uncheck “Hide extensions for known file types”  and click Apply, OK to save changes.

Now you will be able to observe all files with extensions like program.exe. Now replace ‘exe’ with ‘txt’ extension, so the program file becomes program.txt, click ‘yes’ to Rename warning: “changing file name extension makes file unusable”. Though we changed the executable file to text format, you can observe the size of text file remains same as that of original executable file.

exe file attached in Gmail as text file

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Now send the text file attachment to your friend, and it will be downloaded by him without any problems after virus scanning performed by Gmail. Now instruct your friend to change text file to executable file by un checking “Hide extensions for known file types” in Windows Explorer. Now executable runs properly despite the effect of changing its extension to text format.

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Hope you find this tip useful!.