Rkill-terminates malicious processes

How many times have you been interrupted by malicious processes running in the background related to viruses or Trojans while try to install anti-virus programs or other programs. Theses viruses deeply hooked into Windows Explorer and other system programs prevents you to install any other programs. Rkill is free tool which closes all known malicious  processes .

If System is infected, what we do is to try to install any other powerful anti-virus program or try to install any removal tools and then scan whole computer to get rid of those threats. But these viruses will prevent you from installing those programs.What we need to do is close all malicious processes running in the background  and then try to install those programs. But sometimes it is impossible to close these processes manually, once you kill them they will re-appear again in Task Manager.

Disabling those processes to run on the startup can help some way, but sometimes this also doesn’t work.Since these viruses deeply hooked into system programs and registry keys.


Rkill a free tool which closes all known suspicious processes. This tool available in 4 different versions, user need to run only any one of 4 versions. Windows Vista and Windows 7 users need to right click on this tool and need to select run as admin. If Trojans or viruses can stop running exe programs then any one of 4 versions will be useful to user.

Download rkill.com

Download  rkill.scr

Download rkill.pif

Download rkill.exe

Since this tool is portable user need to run this tool once .

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