We all save lot of ebooks in PDF format to our Computer from websites for future reading. If you stored lot of PDF files, since Windows Explorer doesn’t offer  thumbnail preview for PDF files, it’s hard for any user to identify particular PDF file  and navigate if you want from hundreds of PDF files in folder. STDU Explorer shows preview of PDF files as thumbnails makes it easy for user to browse through PDF files.

Scientific and Technical Documentation Explorer briefly STDU Explorer will  let users to explore PDF files, DjVu ebooks  and images supporting popular formats such as PSD, BMP, PNG, GIF, JPEG and WMF formats. This program supports file operations such as copying, renaming, deleting and moving files to another folders as we do in Windows Explorer.

thumbnail Prview of PDF files in STDU Explorer

Explorer interface of STDU reminds about look of Windows Explorer with standard Windows icons makes users to feel using Windows Explorer. Easy to use.This program is freeware.

Download STDU Explorer

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