Already covered about multiple apps installers Ninite and Allmyapps, downloads and installs list of applications from internet automatically. These apps very useful for users specially after reinstalling Windows. Similar kind of free multiple apps installer, Smart Installer Pack downloads and installs all needed applications quickly.

Apart from showing ads in Install page, Smart Installer Pack does offer a lot of apps which will be much needed ones for users who frequently reinstalls Windows. This program does save a lot of time consumed by installing apps one by one. Smart Installer Pack is a more productive app for PC users.

Smart Installer Pack(SIP) doesn’t it self needed to be installed , user need to extract it and run. If you’ve purchased a new computer, you don’t need to install all programs one by one as Smart Installer Pack will install all required applications for the users.This program does offer a lot off applications from various categories like browsers, Chat Applications, Anti-virus Software, Media players, Open Office software, PDF Readers, compressions software and other free utilities which are must for any PC user .

Smart Installer Pack install

After hitting the go install button, SIP shows multiple applications, which user can select and  it then downloads and installs into user’s computer. SIP is freeware.

Smart Installer Pack

Download Smart Installer Pack

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