Websense Security Labs ThreatSeeker network detected that searching for help in Microsoft Office Website can lead to installing Rogue anti-virus in user’s Computer. Such a shocking news, how search results in Microsoft website can be redirected to malicious website installing fake AV software.

Users searching for help of Microsoft Office products if enter their queries in search box, Search pulls content from Microsoft website as well as search results from web. Since search results URLs starts with http:// user can trust those links and clicks them to navigate to the page which here redirected to fake AV page and installs rogue Anti-virus in user’s computer.

From the video it is clear that Microsoft Office search yielded search results containing malicious pages, is the search powered by Bing?.If search results powered by Bing, then already added malware filter to Bing search results has no use .Since Bing can’t protect users from malicious links in search results despite adding malware filter to their decision engine. I also written an article with proof that Bing is less secured than Google.

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