Lot of users unknowingly disclose their email address on forums, social networking sites such as Twitter, Orkut and Facebook, etc. Recently launched Google Wave is an example where lot of users publicly shared their email address on various blogs and in twitter to get Google Wave invites. These users should not be surprised if they get lot of spam to their inbox. Reason so simple spam bots collect all the email addresses on forums, blogs and Social networking sites etc.

User should never share their email address publicly, how ever they can show their email addresses on website or blogs in safe way avoiding spam bots. Till now we used to shorten long URL to share in Email , twitter and other sites. Now this is interesting, we can shrink our email address to share on twitter, forums and on other sites. which is still in beta allows to share your email address in shortened links which can be shared on forums, friends, on social networking sites like twitter and facebook.


Enter your email address in and click “Protect my email”. will generate scrimmed URL with link to which any one can share in Twitter, Facebook and other sites, HTML code to show on blogs, and code to add show in forums as well.

share scrimmed URL in twitter


If any human being clicks the scrimmed link will have to pass the test to know the email address by  selecting the correct block of letters identical to image shown on page.Where spam bots can’t do this. So the email address is safe from spam robots  and your email address shared safely.

humanity check to know email address

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