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Google is asking users to make Google Wave productive for uses by not only editing their waves but also editing other’s content as well.Google Wave is generally more useful for recording notes and for other projects which involves others participation.Google asks users to edit others content for tidying the wave up, hesitating to edit content of document authors won’t gives meaning of collaboration.

Gardening Waves

Instead of replying to the message in a wave, simply edit the text users are replying to make wave updated and more purposeful.This will save time and also old comments will be deleted and wave gets summarized and updated.Where new users able to follow the waves very easily.Though original text gets altered in waves, but it will be visible through playback of wave.

How good it will be if you reply to friend’s message by correcting spelling mistakes of your friend’s list in a wave and update it with by including your suggestions. He will observe the edited message and if he don’t likes it he will modify his own way.

Edit, Restore, Read-only options for waves

Till now we can able to edit message using “edit this message” in waves, now Edit button will be added to waves .Restore button will be added in future to restore the wave to its previous state. Editing others content makes wave tidy, control access feature for users to make waves for some participants read-only so they won’t able to edit them.

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