Now USB Pen drives are used more often than CD and DVDs to transfer data from one system to another system.It is a routine procedure every user go though to remove pen drive by clicking safely remove hardware icon and then clicking stop button. USB Disk Ejector quickly removes not only pen drives but also removable USB devices connected to computer like Digital cameras, iPods, etc.

Though we can create shortcut to safely remove hardware and remove USB flash drives, USB Disk Ejector saves time and  removes any USB device that is attached to the computer. This tool is free and portable as any one carry it in their USB drives.

USB Disk Ejector

USB Disk Ejector icon will appear in system tray and shows USB devices attached to the computer, double click on particular USB device to remove it quickly. This tool automatically updates list of USB devices connected to the computer.This tool works in command line version and in Windows GUI.It is easy for users to use this tool from GUI version of Windows. USB Disk Ejector supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista. I recommend users to use this tool and Unlocker.

Download USB Disk Ejector

For solutions to problems that occur using pen drives read

USB Drive Problems and Solutions Guide [PDF]

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