PC users rely heavily on shortcuts created on desktop to access particular programs quickly.We also able to open daily used applications like browsers, media players and office documents quickly from quick Launch Bar.SE-TrayMenu allows us to access most frequently used programs from system tray via  a customized pop-up menu.

SE-TrayMenu will save lot of time for users who frequently opens applications from start menu or desktop. Grouping of daily using applications from System Tray with a pop-up menu which can customized by adding or removing mostly used applications.These applications can be a Word Document, media Player, Firefox browser or Windows Explorer.

SE-TrayMenu settings

SE-TrayMenu features

1.User can add any elements to system tray  like documents, internet links, browsers,folders etc.

2.Create hotkeys to applications added in System Tray to access them with single click.

3.User can add frequently used programs by dragging and dropping to SE-TrayMenu.

4.User can add or remove applications or rearrange their order by moving up or down  in SE-TrayMenu.

5.User can customize the layout of the SE-TrayMenu with various pre-defined layouts and themes.

6.Portable version is also available.

7.It’s freeware also.

Download SE-TrayMenu

Download SE_TrayMenu portable

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