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Users need to install drivers for hardware devices connected to their Computers, so that Operating System communicates with the device through driver program. So the driver is the medium between Operating System and the device. The biggest problem for any PC user is searching for driver updates for devices and installing them.

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Why we need to update drivers?

Though Windows contains generic drivers for your hardware devices connected to computer, detects and installs them sometimes automatically. But device manufacturers releases latest drivers for their devices with advanced features, which will help increase the performance and stability of devices. Installing the updated drivers will make the system stable and fixes bugs also.

Things to do before updating drivers

Before updating drivers, user need to backup drivers to a folder or USB drive with free programs like Double Driver, Driver Backup or Driver Max. Create a system restore point. Install WinRAR in your computer as sometimes drivers were compressed to reduce size and save download time.

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Device Doctor

Device Doctor is a free program, which scans devices and shows driver updates if available for them with links to download to your computer. The D.D website database contains more than 3000GB of drivers for almost all major hardware devices and computer manufacturers. Drivers will be updated when new versions are released. This application supports 32-bit and 64-bits of Windows XP/Vista/7 and also shows drivers for the unknown hardware.

Downloading and updating drivers Online with Device Doctor

You can download this program from its website. Another good news is portable version of this program is also available, where users can run this program from USB drives also. After downloading and installing Device Doctor on your computer, run it. Before running the scan, connect any external devices like Printers and Scanners and click “Begin Scan” to initiate the scanning process.

driver updates found by Device Doctor

With in a minute, D.D scans all devices and shows driver updates if available. Clicking “Download Update” button will take you to it’s website with a link to updated driver for  the device, which the user can download to his computer. User need to download driver for each device like this shown by D.D. After downloading all the drivers, run them one by one according to your preference and restart is required after installing each driver, which will be prompted by Windows generally.

driver download link

Downloading drivers and updating them offline with Device Doctor

Now the toughest part, updating drivers on offline PC. Install Device Doctor in your computer and run the program and perform the scan. Since internet connection isn’t available for your PC, the program asks to save the scan results to a file. Click ‘Yes’ and program saves the file with name “Driver analysis with your computer name” in HTML format in your computer.

Now move this file to USB drive or CD drive and run this driver analysis.html file on computer that has internet connection. The page shows “Device Doctor offline driver retrieval system” mentioning user to open driver analysis file on computer that has internet connection.

Device Doctor offline retrieval system

Now click “Retrieve my drivers” will send the drivers report to Device Doctor servers and you will be presented with all links to download drivers for offline computer. Download all the drivers to USB drive or CD drive. Open CD or USB drive and  install them on your offline computer. Reboot whenever asked by Windows. Happy computing with updated drivers.

drivers download links for offline computer

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