As we covered that read-only and restore features for waves will be coming soon, Google rolled out these two features to Google Wave users today. With Read-only feature wave creator can set some participants read-only access to the wave and Restore feature will restore the wave to the state at selected frame during playback.

Read-only participants

Every one knew the word collaboration means working together, since Google Wave is collaborating and communication tool any participant can edit waves though he is not original  author of wave. But now there are more permissions for wave creator to set some participants as read-only and give some participants full access . Read-only  participant can’t make changes to wave including adding few participants to it. However they can view changes occur in that wave through playback feature.

To set a participant as read=only, wave creator has to click on participant picture in new Wave and can select read-only.

Read-only participant

Restore from playback

What playback does it plays each part of wave in chronological order from changes made to wave to addition of participants. User can restore wave to any state during playback of wave by clicking restore during playback.Once a wave is restored the changes made can not be undone.However these changes will appear at the end of wave during playback.

Restore the wave


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