I have already covered how to search websites from Google Chrome ‘s omnibox which is combined with search box and address bar.Here are some more omnibox tricks for you.

1.Creating shortcuts to websites from omnibox: As all know Chrome has feature to support create shortcuts to websites with clicking “create application shortcuts” from drop down menu which appears behind wrench menu.

Another ways to create shortcuts to websites in Chrome

  • Selecting the URL in omnibox and dragging it to the desktop to create shortcut.
  • Dragging star button to desktop which creates shortcut to the website. Generally we click star button to bookmark a page.



2. Opening an un clickable link from document in omnibox: If you have un clickable link in email or document, to open it from omnibox copy link to clipboard and then in omnibox right click and select “Paste and go”.

paste (Via)

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