Finally the wait is over, extensions for Google Chrome 4.0 stable channel now available and Bookmark Sync feature is also available for stable channel.With extensions users can add more features to Chrome. Users have more than 1500 extensions to choose for Chrome. Bookmark Sync feature will be useful for users working on multiple computers to access Chrome bookmarks across all Computers.

Google Chrome Extensions:

If you are using Google Chrome stable channel, you will be automatically updated to latest version. Then head over to Chrome Extensions gallery and check some extensions for sure.Here are some extensions covered by us worth a try.

IE Tab, Chrome Extension Runs IE inside Chrome in a Tab URL Shortener, Google Chrome Extension

Install Preview Extension for Chrome

RSS Subscription Extension for Chrome

Chromed Bird –Twitter Extension for Chrome

BlogThis!, Google Chrome Extension

How to install Extensions in Chrome(Video)

Bookmark Sync feature

Bookmark sync feature has been rolled to stable channel from beta channel which makes for users to synchronize their Chrome bookmarks across all computers and access updated bookmarks quickly.

Want to try Google Chrome try from here.

Read How to Sync Google Chrome Bookmarks On Multiple Computers

Now Google Chrome is the third mostly used browser in the World according to stats, share your views on Chrome with extensions giving tough fight to Firefox in comments.

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