formspring question box

An interesting web application created Formspring, which allows to build our own comment box or question box where you need to respond to questions asked by anonymous people. You can publish answers to anonymous questions to Tumbler, twitter, Facebook and to your blog.

First you need to create an account in by filling your name, password, blog URL, a brief description about your Bio. Your profile will have URL like You can also login with your facebook account username and password, if you don’t want to register for that service.

Once you created account, you can embed widget in your blog to let readers know about it.Once you start getting questions you may give answer to them by clicking Respond, or you can block selected questions which may you feel quite embarrassing, you can delete selected questions also. You can post your responses to Tumbler, Facebook, Twitter and to your blog by connecting to them by enabling them in Services tab under settings. inbox

Like in twitter you can follow people you know and find people those are using and by searching entering  Email ids, twitter user name and Facebook usernames.This service is a boon to anonymous people to ask stupid and abusive questions, since their identity will not be known they feel safe to ask anything including scolding you with vulgar words.I don’t recommend using this service to the bloggers.

Thanks to arptinext

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