Whenever you start your computer or open any drive from My Computer, you may face one of familiar annoyance of Windows, i.e, Windows Explorer shows an error saying that “Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close sorry for inconvenience “, if you click the close button, Explorer disappears and you will be left with the desktop only.

Windows Explorer encountered a problem

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One doubt that comes to user’s mind is has his Computer infected? You are probably right, your computer might be infected with viruses or Trojans deeply hooked into Windows Explorer, Antivirus installed on your computer may not be updated enough to detect them.

Unknown Process shown in the Task Manager

Any PC user must always keep an eye on processes running in Task Manager, if you know disabling unknown processes that configure to run at Startup, you can disable them through MSConfig. But user should be sure what processes he is disabling, disabling  processes of Anti-Virus programs and other system programs may give chance to viruses and Trojans to ride user’s Computer.

Close Suspicious processes

Use Rkill to close all malicious processes running in the background. Try any one version of tool if Trojans block other version.

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Powerful Free spyware and Trojans remover

After closing malicious processes, we have a chance to install anti-virus programs or anti-malware tools. Download Malwarebytes Anti-malware (MBAM) and install it, update its database before performing a quick Scan. MBAM will detect and show threats, if detected after scanning, which user can remove by clicking ‘remove all threats’. MBAM was very effective in remove rogue anti-viruses, rogue anti-spyware and Trojans.

Once the dangerous Trojans are deleted, update Anti-virus installed on your computer and perform a whole computer scan with it. If you don’t have antivirus installed in your computer, try Free AVs like AVG, Avast or Avira.

After performing the above process if no viruses or threats are detected by MABM and Anti-Virus program, then Windows Explorer file may has been corrupted.

User can fix Windows Explorer corrupted file in the following Ways

1.Repairing Windows with Windows CD or DVD.

2.Using System File Checker which checks for integrity of System files and asks the user to insert the Windows OS CD to replace original files if system files were altered or modified by user or viruses. User needs to run the command  “sfc/scannow “ from the command prompt in Windows.

3.This trick never tried, try to copy Windows Explorer file from a virus-free computer of running the same Operating System located in Windows directory and then paste in the Windows Directory of infected computer though a USB drive. User here also has to backup original corrupted Windows Explorer file before doing this.