If we enter our password wrongly in Gmail several times, we need to fill the letters in Captcha to login into the account. Where twitter is different, if you forgot password or typed wrong password several times after certain login attempts twitter will lock your account and you may not be able to access twitter for one hour.

If you have experienced this, you will be presented with twitter picture like below.

Twitter account locked

What User Did wrong?

From the picture, it is evident that user’s login attempts are failed due to entering wrong username or password, meanwhile user tries all the passwords(it is rare case where user forgets his username for twitter) he know it is too late as user crossed limit of login attempts set by twitter . Hence twitter locked user’s account.

This lock won’t be cleared until 60 minutes, during this period if user tries to login with correct password he won’t be successful.After one hour lock will be automatically cleared, user able to login to account successfully with right password.

There are possible solutions if user account locked only after one attempt, or lock hasn’t been cleared after one hour.

1.Disable third party applications: If you are using any desktop applications like tweetdeck, Seesmic desktop or other third party applications or widgets to access twitter updates please disable those applications.Because these applications still trying to log you into twitter with username and password.

2.,Wait for one hour:Just be patient as lock for your account will be automatically cleared after one hour. Meantime make sure you have got right username and password to login to twitter after one hour without any confusion.

3.Forgot the password request new one: So you are not sure or forgot the password then request new one here , if you not got reset password to your email account, then email to password@twitter.com for one mentioning your username, email address with which you registered for twitter,and list of desktop applications you use to access twitter. Though this will take time as your request will queued and will be processed on first come first serve basis. Rest assured you are going to get password and fill your timeline with tweets.

4.Try to login to web twitter first: Once you are able to login to web twitter interface, you can the re-enabled temporarily disabled desktop or third party twitter applications and login to them without any problems.[via]

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