Firefox 3.6 release getting nearer as Mozilla released Firefox 3.6 first release Candidate RC1, which is  now available for download.If you are using Firefox 3.6 beta versions you will be notified to update Firefox 3.6 RC1.Add-on developers have upgraded over 75% of thousands of add-ons to be compatible with Firefox 3.6.Final Firefox 3.6 will be almost same as Firefox 3.6 RC1.

Here are features of Firefox 3.6

1. The main change everybody talking about inbuilt support of personas as user can change Firefox skins very quickly.

2. No more need to visit Mozilla plugin check page to check for outdated plug-ins , Firefox 3.6 will automatically alert users if plug-ins are out of date.

3.More stability for Firefox as add-ons won’t able to hook into Firefox as Mozilla locked Component directory for them.

4.Auto filling of forms is increased in Firefox 3.6.

5.Open, native video now can be shown in full screen.

6.Supports Web Open Font Format(WOFF).

7. Browser startup time was decreased which is major concern for all users.

8.JavaScript performance is increased.

9.Supports HTML5, CSS and  DOM technologies.

Download Firefox 3.6 RC1

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