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As Firefox users may have heard the buzz about Visual Tab Switcher in Firefox 3.6 Beta with which we can preview the opened tabs of Firefox by pressing Ctrl +Tab.This feature has been disabled by default in Firefox 3.6 beta . Firefox 3.6 beta users can enable Ctrltab previews for Firefox, as this feature has been kept by Mozilla Firefox team in Firefox 3.6 RC1 also, that means Visual Tab Switcher will be available in Firefox 3.6 Final .

Here are the steps to enable Visual Tab Switcher in Firefox 3.6

Type about:config in browser, proceed to forward by click “I’ll be careful, I promise!“ type Ctrltab in filter which will show “browser.ctrlTab.previews “ preference name which is set false by default, double click it to set to True.

enable ctrltab previews

Now visual Tab switcher for Firefox is available, view tab previews by pressing Ctrl +Tab in the keyboard.CtrlTab preview is similar to switching to applications using Alt+Tab in Windows from Taskbar. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+Tab will bring all tabs preview window with search box reminds bit of new Tab page from Chrome.In the search box we can find the tab by entering keywords, which will be useful when you are used to open and work with too many tabs in Firefox.

Visual Tab Switcher

In fact Ctrl+Shift+Tab switch will be more useful to select particular tab from all opened tabs, with mouse or user can navigate through tab previews with home, up, down arrow keys in keyboard.User must have opened 3 or more than 3 tabs for Firefox 3.6 to show tab previews .

If you don’t want ctrlTab preview, you can disable Visual  Tab Switcher by

Type about:config in browser, and type ctrlTab in filter and double click to set “browser.ctrlTab.previews”preference name to false.

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