Driver Easy

Recently covered detailed article on how to update drivers online and offline for your PC, it’s nice to see free programs are coming offering automatic detection of outdated drivers and downloading  them from internet automatically.Driver Easy is similar kind of program just does that for you.

Hardware device manufacturers release updates for their devices with special features which offers more stability and performance to your PC. Updating drivers thus fix lot of bugs.That’s why it is recommended for every PC user to update hardware device drivers.

Download Driver Easy, install it and launch the program and click Scan Now. Internet connection is required for this program to download latest drivers.It scans all the hardware devices connected to computer and shows scan summary with available updates for drivers.

Driver Easy UI

Driver Easy Scan Summary

Downloading drivers with Driver Easy

If any drivers updates available, user can download them into his computer by clicking Get Drivers and hence downloading drivers manually.Make sure you create System Restore point ,if Driver Easy not prompted you or itself won’t automatically creates restore point.

Driver Easy is freeware and free for personal use.Driver Easy servers contain more than 1,000,000 hardware devices drivers. Driver Easy supports all Windows OS with 32 bit and 64 bit OS including Windows 7.

Download Driver Easy

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