Mozilla has released second Release Candidate(RC2) for Firefox 3.6 which is available for download and also update notification has been sent to Firefox 3.6 release candidate and beta users.Unlike beta versions this release Candidate version is stable for browsing and features in this version will be almost same as that of final version.

Beta and release candidate users can update their browser to Firefox 3.6 RC2 by selecting “Check for Updates” from Help menu.

Firefox 3.6 RC2 update

Firefox 3.6 RC2 features

1.  This release candidate will perform better than previous versions when compared to in speed and startup time.

2. This version available from more than 70 languages.

3. More than 70 bugs have been fixed from beta versions of Firefox 3.6. This version offers stability, security and performance.

4.Scripts will run asynchronously in this version to speed up page load times.

5.The major feature all are talking about is inbuilt support of personas for Firefox.

6. Firefox 3.6 automatically will detect and alert users if their plug-ins are out of date.

7.Native videos can be showed in full screen and supports poster frames.

8. This version supports Web Open Font Format(WOFF).

9. Improved JavaScript performance , supports latest technologies like CSS, DOM and HTML5.

For more details read Firefox 3.6 release Candidate release notes.

Download Firefox 3.6 RC2

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