Mozilla Firefox 3.6 final has been released which is available as download to users.This version offers more security, performance and will be stable.Firefox 3.6 offers more speed than previous versions Firefox 3.5 and Firefox 3.0.

Firefox 3.6 Features

1. With built-in support for personas, every user able to dress up their browser by choosing from various skins. User can view the preview of how his browser looks by hovering the mouse on persona and confirm it by clicking “Wear it” button.

2.Firefox 3.6 will alert users if their plug-ins are out of date.

3.Third party add-ons for Firefox may not hook into component directory of Firefox 3.6 in Program Files as Mozilla locked component directory of Firefox for third party add-ons which may cause Firefox to crash.This will make Firefox more stable.

4. Automatic form filling from user history is improved which avoids users to type the data again in Forms.

5. Open native videos will be displayed in full screen.

6. This version supports Web Open Font Format (WOFF).

7. Supports latest technologies like HTML5, DOM and CSS.

8. Supports HTML5 File API.

Download Firefox 3.6

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