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Adobe developed AIR, Adobe Integrated Runtime environment for developers to build  Rich Internet Applications(RIA) using Adobe Flash, Ajax, Adobe Flex and HTML which can run outside of browsers in multiple Operating Systems. For these applications to work in our computers Adobe AIR  must be installed, hence the need for an Adobe AIR offline installer.

For applications programmed on .Net platform to work, we need to install .Net framework as to use Java based applications we need to install Java Runtime environment, we can compare installing Adobe AIR environment similar installing to .Net framework and Java Runtime environment.

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TweetDeck:Adobe AIR Application

For Adobe AIR based applications to work, we need to install Adobe AIR first. There are a lot of Adobe AIR applications run on thee desktop in Operating Systems, for example, we can say popular desktop twitter application TweetDeck. TweetDeck will be installed along with Adobe AIR if user don’t have Adobe AIR installed.

TweetDeck installs adobe air online

But installing Adobe AIR online takes a lot of time and which can be saved by downloading offline installer of Adobe AIR. Adobe AIR offline installer can be installed on multiple computers offline after reinstalling Windows if necessary.

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