Firefox browser used to crash more often in older days  not that much with version 56+, the browser has been way improved in performance and stability.

Firefox crashes less these days, whenever Firefox browser crashes due to a script or webpage, the browser disappears and Mozilla Crash Reporter pops up and asks the user to send the crash report to Mozilla, so that the Firefox team investigates the reason for the crash and fixes the issue in future versions. Mozilla Crash reporter offers the options to restart or quit Firefox browser.

If you’re using Nightly or dev or beta version of Firefox that prone to crash more due to bugs, or for some other reasons, if you wan to disable crash reporter in Firefox , you can do that, here is how.

Mozilla crash reporter

Disabling Mozilla Crash Reporter in Firefox

1. Click on start menu, search for Wordpad and open it as administrator

2.  Click on open and navigate to Firefox installed directory: C:\ProgramFiles\Mozilla Firefox

3. Choose ‘All Documents (*.*)’ for File name and with in the dialog search box, paste ‘application.ini’ for the dialog window to show and highlight


Visit C:\ProgramsFiles\Mozilla Firefox, find application.ini file, right click and choose open with and select Notedpad or Wordpad.

4. Double click on it to open in the Wordpad, look for [Crash Reporter], and change Enable value to 0 from default 1.

Firefox application.ini file open in wordpad

Change enabled value to 0 under Crash Reporter

5. Click on save button to apply the changes and exit. Done, crash reporter has been disabled in Firefox browser.