Google finally turned on https for everyone in Gmail giving more preference to security of users, throwing away concerns of in encrypted Gmail data travels slowly. From now onwards whenever user opens Gmail, user can observe URL starting with https rather than http in browser.

Google delayed this till now because encrypted data will travel slowly through the web than unencrypted data.Though every Gmail user has the option to use https for Gmail through settings. If a user access Gmail account from a non secure internet connection or a wifi hot spot it is easier for others to access your Gmail account containing bank statements and other sensitive and personal information.Hence Google recommended users to enable “always use https “ in settings .

HTTPS, Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure provides authenticated and encrypted communication.If users already enabled https for Gmail nothing will be changed for your account. If you are using secure network and want to disable https , you can do that by selecting “don’t use https” opposite to Browser connection in General category of settings.

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