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Lot of bloggers prefer to use Windows Live Writer than other blog editors available including default editor offered by blogger platform, me not an exception.Clipboard Live, Window Live Writer plug-in allows to paste anything and everything that can be pasted from clipboard into Windows Live Writer.

With Clipboard Live we can paste images, Microsoft Word page, Visual studio page, HTML image or fragment. You can paste image as local files or point to web address related to that image.Rather than pasting images or other stuff directly into WLW, just hit Clipboard Live plug-in, it will do the pasting.

Presently Clipboard Live plug-in able to paste following from clipboard into WLW.

  • Any image that can be copied to clipboard.
  • Image surrounded by HTML.
  • HTML Fragments.
  • Entire HTML page.
  • RTF (excluding images).
  • Word format similar to RTF.
  • Any Text.

User can able to adjust settings from options in Plug-ins of WLW.

Clipboard Live options

Download Clipboard Live plug-in for WLW

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