Chromiumos twitter account spam

Chromium OS is open source project launched by Google open to public, any developer can modify code and build own developer builds which may not be original Google Chrome OS. Is there any official Google account named ChromumOS to follow their updates, currently one twitter account name chromiumos available, doubt it may not of Google’s official twitter account, because this account posting updates on ChromiumOS behaving wiredly since 5 days by posting spamming tweets. 

Checkout the last 9 tweets posted by ChromiumOS twitter account,


Is ChromiumOS Google’s Official Twitter account?

A twitter account with Google product or service name with Google Chrome, a short bio about Chromium OS project with a link to Chromium OS homepage can’t be misleading.This account has been listed 34 times, and has 418 followers following 411 users that’s surprising, generally official Google Accounts following that many people except accounts of their products or services.

No doubt arises to users as some updates were posted relating Chromium OS.This account posting spam since form Jan7th onwards.Users following Chromiumos gets surprised to spam tweets like these including me, I am following this account to know latest updates about Chromium OS.

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