Firefox vs Chrome

Finally Google’s browser Google Chrome now surpasses Apple’s safari in market share and is now mostly used third  browser in the word with 4.63% . According to Net applications report for December 2009 Google Chrome follows IE, and Firefox throws safari back with 0.17%.

Google Chrome now has extensions though still in beta that will definitely attract more users in using Chrome despite its speed.Don’t be surprised if Google Chrome’s usage will grow largely, Google’s campaigns to promote Chrome will definitely help.Google Chrome browser now is third mostly used browser where as Firefox is also progressing offering security, extensions and concentrating to increase it’s speed in upcoming versions.

Browser Market Share

After Firefox surpasses IE6 to become the second popular browser in the World .We have to admit the fact IE8 is by far the most secured browser when compared to IE6 and IE7. Microsoft will lose its market share to Firefox if it will not release upcoming IE version supporting latest technologies. Google’s release of Google Chrome plug-in for IE is an example for that.Rendering Chrome engine in IE is not acceptable, IE should support latest technologies rather than users to use their browser with plug-ins running other browser engines.which is not also safe from users perspective.

Can Chrome give tough fight to Firefox

What Firefox now has apart from Chrome’s speed is adding more features to the browser through extensions.It is true that Chrome runs much faster than Firefox , Firefox utilizes lot of system resources when compared to Chrome.Both browsers support latest technologies like HTML 5, CSS3 .It will take some doing for Firefox users to shift to Chrome, users won’t be compromised in stability and performance.Firefox needs to look after these things to retain it’s number two position.

Though Chrome now supports extensions, it’s still in Beta only Chrome should offer extensions in functionality much similar to popular Firefox extensions like Adblock plus, where so far Chrome‘s Adblocker extensions not so great when compared to Firefox.Chrome should also support auto detect of RSS feeds much like Firefox does.

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