Autorun Injector 1.0

Autorun functionality in Windows is a boon to malwares which configure autorun.inf file in removable media such as USB drives and infects users Computers. That’s why, it is necessary to disable autorun of removable drives. Autorun Injector, a free tool can gives users control over autorun.inf file in removable drives.

With Autorun Injector, users able to perform following actions on Autorun file in removable media

1. Creating a new autorun file.

2.Protecting the Autorun file in removable drive from malwares.

3. User can view, reveal and delete autorun file.

4. If Autorun.inf file corrupted, this tool will make autorun file accessible and brings back drive to the stable state.

5. This tool is freeware.

Autorun Injector

Download Autorun Injector

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