We can save any image on a webpage by right clicking on it and by selecting ‘save image as’. What if we have to download  or save all images on a web page? It will be time consuming to save images one by one. Three Firefox extensions out of which, two will save images as well as links on a web page, where as the other add-on, saves images on web pages.

Downloading or saving all images on web page

December 1, 2017 Update: The below extensions are not compatible with Firefox 57, we’re suggesting two WebExtensions that lets you download or saves images in Firefox browser.

Download all Images: We’ve tested this extension and it worked perfectly.

Image Picka

DownThemAll: Besides DownThemAll or can be called as dTa is an excellent download manager for Firefox, it offers to save all images or links on a webpage.


Right click on the web page from which you want to download images and click DownThemAll or dTaoneclick, which will open DownThemAll window with two tabs containing all links and pictures including embedded objects.

Select pictures and embedded, remove unwanted embedded objects and images in other formats by applying filters.

Specify the location to save files and hitting start button will save all the images.

User can able to select the desired images he wants and start saving the images with this add-on.

DownThemAll 3.0 Beta adds Support for HiDPI and Per-window Private browsing

UPDATE: This extension not webextension, that’s why not available for Firefox 57 Quantum, the developer is working on lite version of add-on ATM.

FastestFox: Main features of FastestFox are: saving time by speeding repetitive tasks, and loads next page automatically, offers searches on various social and search engines while you performed a search query in Google or other search engines.

With FastestFox, user can download all images or links on a web page. Right click on a web page and click download page images (check the screenshot below).

download images in a page

Above mentioned both extensions will save all the links on a web page also.

Drag-n-Drop An Image from Your Computer onto Google Image Search to Find Similar Images

Save Images :Save Images will save all the images in current tab in Firefox .This extension can also save images on all opened tabs, images on left tabs to current tab as well as images on right tabs also.

Save Images _options

Right click on the page, select ‘Save Images’, which shows drop down menu having the options to save images from tabs, select your action, specify the location to save images, click ‘OK’ to save the images to your computer.

All the above mentioned add-ons work with latest Firefox 3.6 version.

Do you know any Firefox add-ons to save images? Let us know in the comments.

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