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Google seems they don’t want to use other URL shorteners for their services, as not long ago they introduced Google URL shortener to share interesting pages through Google Toolbar and Feedbunrer. Today they unveiled their own yet another YouTube URL shortener to shorten YouTube video links. From now on whenever you see shortened link on Twitter and Facebook, it will represent YouTube video.

Presently this feature introduced for YouTube users who enabled Autoshare option for their accounts to send YouTube updates  automatically to Facebook and twitter. If you are not yet opted to use autoshare option to share your YouTube activity feed to Google Reader, Facebook and Twitter, see the video below. From now on if you favorite a  YouTube video that will be send as update to twitter and Facebook with link.

YouTube AutoShare options

Shortening YouTube links manually with

To shorten any YouTube video URL for example in replace the with and thus total shortened link for YouTube video will be Paste the shortened link in the browser which will redirect to original YouTube video.

So we are going to see  more links and links in Twitter.

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