Google Public DNS

Google is making moves to own the Internet by introducing their Public DNS Resolver. DNS abbreviated as Domain Name System which performs DNS lookup for every website address, when user types in browser. As every user spends a day for over hundred DNS lookups, performing DNS lookups for complex pages may slow down internet speed. Which don’t liked by Google, for making web faster Google introduced Google Public DNS resolver.

Google Public DNS is yet another feather to Google. Google is concentrating on Internet users to provide reliable services. Google always enhances their search feature to give more favorable results to the users.Gmail is initially intended for their employees, now Gmail is used by world wide . As Google launched their browser with the claim speed, speed and nothing else. Google is always in front to provide speedier services to users.

What is Google DNS Public?

Google Public DNS is free global Domain Name System resolution service, an alternate to DNS service which normally provided by Internet Service Providers (ISP).With Google DNS you can expect increase in browsing speed and more safety. Google DNS does not filter malicious websites when compared to Open DNS. As Google Crawls the web on a daily basis and caches, resolves DNS information, Google is using that technology in Google DNS.

Presently Google DNS supports all ISPs and available world wide. But by default user’s ISP DNS server is set as primary DNS server you can add Google DNS as primary or secondary DNS server. If your primary DNS fails then only secondary DNS works.

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