format_pen _drive _NTFS_XP

Generally both Windows Vista and Windows 7 supports formatting USB drives in NTFS format, Where XP won’t. In Windows XP, we have the options to format USB drive in FAT and FAT 32 formats only. But NTFS file system offers more security, better performance and supports larger drives. We can format pen drive in NTFS format in a simple way.

FAT file system for Pen dirve

By Default in Windows XP, writing cache for USB drives will be disabled which will be useful to remove the pen drive without clicking safely remove hardware icon. NTFS file system will appear for USB drive in Windows XP, if we enable write caching for better disk performance. It is common all users remove pen drive by clicking safely remove hardware icon, by enabling this option they have to continue to do that routine as well.

Insert your Pen drive, right click on it select properties> Hardware>  in properties select USB Flash drive which appears below your hard drive. After selecting the USB drive, click properties> Policies tab and select or enable optimize for performance feature and click two time OK to save changes.

optimize performance for USB drives

Now in Windows Explorer, right click on USB drive  click Format, now you can observe NTFS file system along with FAT and FAT32 file systems to format USB drive.

NTFS in Pen drive in XP

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