Google came up with their own URL shortener to shorten links and share them on social networking sites and in emails. Presently Google URL shortener limited to shorten links and share from Google Toolbar and from FeedBurner only. Through socialize feature in Feedburner, now publishers can publisher their feed updates on twitter as twitterfeed doing till now.

Setting FeedBurner Feed to post updates on twitter

Sign into  FeedBurner with your username and password, click your feed, go to Socialize service by selecting Publicize tab . Select “ add twitter account” and Google connects to twitter and asks twitter to allow to read, write access on be half of you, click allow it if you are already signed into twitter. Twitter uses OAuth protocol to give applications access to your account without sharing your password .You can always revoke access to any application connected twitter account  you want under connections in settings in twitter. Click “Activate” button in FeedBurner to post updates to twitter automatically with default settings.

add twitter account to socialize

FeedBurner allows to publish only  one feed updates to one twitter account only.If you want to post the same feed to multiple twitter accounts, you can make copy of that feed and post to another twitter account. Since twitter is limited to 140 characters only, Feedburner will truncate the text and shortened URL created with Google URL shortener to 140 characters automatically.

If you customize the settings for the way your feed to post updates to twitter, If you enabled hashtags they will be automatically generated from labels you assigned to posts in Blogger.

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