Avira posted top phished brands for 2009 in their tech blog, PayPal and Chase Bank occupies the top positions. According to Avira, PayPal is the most phished brand with 32205 unique URLs where as Chase Bank follows it with 25901 unique URLs. Ebay is at third position with 18738 threats, Facebook is at 10th position with 2217 threats.

It was not surprising that social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook users are targeted for Phishing Scams , though twitter is not in the list. Social networking sites users are lured to reveal their password through phishing tactics. If Facebook user uses same password for all his email accounts then all his contacts, phone numbers and other info will be in hands of spammers if they steal it. Hackers reset all the things once they were able to access an  email account password. Using weak password will put user’s financial information in hands of hackers.

Users need to maintain separate strong passwords for social sites and email accounts to avoid phishing. Don’t fell into trap invitations from unknown friends in Facebook. In twitter don’t click shortened links that looks suspicious.

Most Known Phished Targets of 2009  apart from mentioned above

Google.com with 761 threats

Yahoo with 761 threats

Visa with 425 threats

Lastly Nationwide with 3900 threats.

Read Avira tech blog post for more details.

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