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Onlinefamily .Norton released top 100 searches made by the kids in 2009. According to that report kids searched more for YouTube, Google, Facebook, Sex and porn in 2009. The popular celebrity they searched more often which is not surprising was Michael Jackson. And an interesting thing, kids don’t spend that much time to search for twitter as it grabs 66th position and 100th search term was Bing.

30% of the kids searched for music related topics where as 12% searched for TV related topics. Kids are also searching for shopping sites like eBay, Walmer, Target and Best Buy.

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Kids Top 10 of 100 search terms in 2009









10.You Tube

Top searches of 2009 – Boys Vs Girls

Top three searches for both boys’ and girls were YouTube, Google and Facebook. Boys’ top 4th search term was Sex which was girls 5th search term also. Girls 4th search term was Taylor Swift. Boys’ 5h search term was Porn. 13% of  boys’ searched more for adult topics as 2% girls searched for same.

Checkout all the remaining details and Kids Top 100 search terms of 2009 here.

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